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Welcome to PUBLIC RAID FORCE of Alexstrasza.

Welcome my name is Meldagon, I am the Guild Leader of The Ninth Legion, and one of the Public Raid Force board of administrators


The Ninth Legion-Public Raid Force (PRF) raiding program is designed as a raiding community comprised of the Core raiders of The Ninth Legion raiding guild and selected raiders of the Alexstrasza server. The Program is so designed to give the look and feel of a closed in raiding guild without having to leave your guild in doing so.


With rules/policies and a DKP insurance looting system that is set up to promote a foundational fundamental military structure that offers progression to end game content as of the utmost importance, and highest standards.


Your survival as a raider with the PRF program depends on your ability to provide us with your best. Complete understanding of the content, Raid awareness, and the complete knowledge of your mains class and gear is essential. Raiders that don’t demonstrate these traits will be removed from the raid. We are not here to teach you how to play your character/Class. Last but not least Raiding with us is a privilege not a right, as soon as you figure that out the sooner you will fit in.


We make every endeavor to provide each raider with the resources that are needed in their progression to become a PRF raider, but we also understand not everyone can be a (PRF) raider.


The PRF Program is a members only raiding community. To become a member you need to first read the (PRF Rules Manual) that is linked above in the task bar. This Manual is also The Ninth Legion Rule manual also known as the TNLM so PRF members will have to read between the lines.


Once you have read the Manual, and agree with our policies you can fill out the application that is linked on the left under (membership). Your application will be viewed by the officer staff for approval. Once approved you will be allowed to claim your Main character, and sign up for posted raids on our calendar. Until approval you may be able to raid with us until your application has been approved or denied. If denied your character will be removed and your raiding with us will end. 

In any event welcome aboard and good luck.     

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